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Ph Fluctuation

The optimal pH ranges are 5.6-6.2 (hydro) and 6.1-6.9 (soil). In the optimal pH range, your plant is able to access the most nutrients. When outside that range, your plant is unable to uptake certain macro & micro nutrients. Typical visual symptoms are distinct interveinal burn marks that cover parts of the leaf. An unbalanced pH can also show symptoms presenting deficiencies or toxicities. pH fluctuations in the root zone will cause your plant growth to be stunted and become weaker.

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Can be caused by:

• Root rot
• Room/tent VPD
• Nutrient toxicity (K)
• Nutrient lockout

Use pH reading meter to measure and keep track of your pH.
Use pH adjusters (“pH up” & “pH down”) to help balance out pH before feeding or correcting small fluctuations on daily checkups.

• Pests in the soil can also cause ph fluctuations.
• Try to feed your plants with the most natural water you can get(ph 7.0) or purified water (ph 6.5).
• Flush and reset with pH-balanced water.
• Non Organic solutions like Flowable Lime for raising pH.


• Flush and apply correct nutrient ratio & pH (5.8) at 1/2 strength or 1/4 strength depending on severity.


• pH of 5.8 is ideal. • Avoid contaminating water with any bacteria. Bacteria in your reservoir leads to root rot and can also cause the pH to fluctuate.
• Always clean your hydro tub in between nutrient changes.
• Apply a clean N-P-K fertilizer that has not been exposed or expired.

* Affected leaves usually do not recover from damage even after correcting the problem.*