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Vital Vectors: The Role of Aphids in Plant Virus Movement

Author: Matthew Gates - @synchangel

Understanding pH Levels in Cannabis Plants

When it comes to growing cannabis, it's

How Do I know My Weed Is Ready To Harvest & What To Do Next?

We are in the process of trimming and curing our FPOG x Zkittlez strain as I write this and used

Almost Ready To Harvest? Tips & Next Steps For Cannabis End Of Life Care.

Cannabis plants are subject to physiological changes and eventual deterioration, much like any or

Growing Weed Outdoors: Saving Your Outdoor Cannabis Plants With Pest Management

Outdoor Cultivation: Weathering Uncontrollable Factors

Outdoor cultivation is, in many wa

N P K Deficiency - THC, Terpenes & Yields

We have just received some incredible results from our new Niagara College report showing the com

Transitioning To LED Grow Lights

There are several fundamental requirements for a plant to grow that include; water, nutrients, li

Humidity and Cannabis; What Are The Best Humidity Levels For Growing Cannabis

-Humidity & Cannabis-

    Humidity is one of the key factors in producin

How to Use Indoor Grow Lights & Measuring Effectiveness

Grow Lights For Indoor Growers & the Importance of PPFD:
Can I use Grow lights are an esse

Cannabis Nutrients and pH Imbalance In Cannabis Plants

When working with any media, whether it’s soil, hydroponics, rockwool, etc., many cannabis grower

What is Integrated Pest Management and How to Implement in your Indoor Grow

Why Have An IPM?

Indoor cultivation is a very complex way of growing can

How to Get Rid of and Manage Spider Mites

‘I think there are signs of spider mites’ is one of the most fear-inducing phrases anyone working

Nutrient Toxicity

Plants require a balanced ratio of fertilizer nutrients in order to maintain consistent health. I

Amino Acids increase yield and help prevent powdery mildew and Spider Mites.

Amino acids are great organic compounds, that help the plants uptake of calcium, which in terms h

What to do with Leftover Stems? Stem Tea!

Stem tea is an easy way to put your stems at use and consume them. This is not new, Stem tea has

Is Deep Water Culture, DWC, Right For Your Homegrown Cannabis

When it comes to growing your homegrown cannabis indoors,  you do not need to limit yourself

Equipment Life Span & Grow Tent Maintenance

After you’ve harvested your cannabis plants and prepared your grow tent for the next batch of clo

7 Basic Grow Tent Environmental Controls For Great Cannabis

Nutrients, genetics, & grow mediums are all important parts of well-grown cannabis plants, bu

Grow Your Cannabis Vocabulary with These Must Know Words

Learning new things is an enriching experience on multiple levels. When you know more, you become

Living Soil, The Greatest Medium For Your Indoor Cannabis Grow

More than just dirt, our understanding of soil, and the living microorganisms that inhabit it, co