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Armored scale bugs

Armored scale bugs are small insects that can appear on most parts of a plant. These pests come in various shapes but are easily identified by their lack of movement on a plant and their hard outer shells. Armoured scale bugs are the most difficult of the three types of scale bugs to remove due to this outer shell. Scale bugs also lay their eggs directly underneath their shell, making it hard to remove eggs but making it easy to isolate the young as they leave the safety of their parents' shells. Larvae can move from plant to plant if the foliage is dense enough or by getting blown onto another plant.

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Isolate any infested plants from the rest of the crop to prevent spreading since these are difficult pests to remove once they have found a home.

Adult armoured scale bugs can be removed manually if the population is low by coating them with alcohol or horticultural oil using a q-tip.

If the population is too large then repeated applications of horticultural oil to the bug can help by suffocating the insect.

The larvae may also be controlled by using predatory insects such as lady beetles or lacewing.