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Calcium Deficiency

Calcium is very important to cannabis plant growth. It factors into early root development, nutrient uptake, developing cell walls and membranes, plant transpiration, and strong flowering. An immobile nutrient, the plant will first show symptoms on new growth such as yellowing and deformed leaves. Yellow & Brown spots will begin on the Fan leaves, in severe cases, necrosis will increase & leaves will die out. When calcium is low, the plant becomes susceptible to powdery mildew and pests.

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Can be caused by:

• Improper/low pH
• Nutrient Lockout
• Phosphorus, Potassium or Magnesium Toxicity
• VPD out of range

For Coco: Ensure Coco has been buffered with Ca/Mg. Without buffering, Ca and Mg deficiencies are more likely to occur.

Organic Solutions:
• Egg Shells. When crushed in soil, it will a be a slower release. However, crushed egg shelled, warmed up, mixed with vinegar (1:10) as a foliar spray will be a much quicker way for your plant to recieve calcium
• Dolomite Lime
• Organical Magic by Future Harvest

Inorganic Solutions:
• CalMag Supplements
• Calcium Nitrate

* Affected leaves usually do not recover from damage even after correcting the problem. *