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Corn Earworm

Corn Earworm is a pest that feeds on a variety of crops very quickly. This Earworm larvae can grow up to 1 ½ inch in length and vary in colour from light pink or green or brown, and have light stripes on their body. These pests are difficult to deal with since they have multiple reproductive cycles a year, and they overwinter in the soil and can return in the following spring. With cannabis, these pests will usually only target the plant once it has begun the flowering stage and begin to produce buds, where they will hatch and devour flowers and foul them with excrement, which may attract disease.

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Preventative: Since these pests overwinter in the soil it is important to thoroughly plough soil between growing seasons and possibly treat the soil with predatory insects such as nematodes or use insecticides.

During the growing season it is easiest to save plants if the moths are excluded from the grow area so they cannot lay their eggs.

Moth Prevention:

• Netting
• Light traps
• Pheromone traps
• Certain birds

If there is a chance that moths may be able to lay eggs on a plant it is important to maintain a healthy population of predatory bugs that can find and consume the eggs or small larvae before they begin to cause major damage. Using green lacewings or pirate bugs can help control the larvae.

In the case that beneficials aren’t the best option then using a safe insecticide such as Spinosad could prove helpful.