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Grasshoppers are medium-sized insects that can range in size from around one inch to three inches in size. Grasshoppers are green in colour which makes them difficult to spot on cannabis plants, and they can fly for varying amounts of time depending on the species. This pest is nocturnal and feeds at night, which means you’ll only see their damage the next day. Grasshoppers differ from crickets in that they are voracious enough to eat the stem of the plant and can kill a plant by chewing on the main stem of the plant. This is a pest that lays its eggs in the soil, meaning their larvae are difficult to detect, and their eggs can overwinter and hatch in the following spring.

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Prevent grasshoppers by keeping your grow areas clean and free of debris, and especially grass, because this is their preferred hiding location.

Nets around the perimeter of the grow area can help with keeping grasshoppers away from plants at all stages of life.

Maintaining a population of predatory birds can help with reducing the number of adult grasshoppers such as blue jays and sparrows, among other species.

Organic sprays such as neem oil or spinosad on the plants or soil will kill grasshoppers with prolonged exposure.

Every season before growing, the soil can be turned over or treated with predatory nematodes to destroy eggs that may have survived over the winter.