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Heat Stress

Heat Stress occurs when your plant quickly transpires moisture from high temperatures. When air circulation is low or your light is too powerful, your plants can sit in hot spots where hot air becomes stagnant. Leaves will begin to curl up, similar to a taco. Environmental stress can lead to top buds foxtailing, or your female plant "hermies" and begins to produce seed. Growing indoors, 30C is as warm as you should ever have your tent/room.

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Immediate Response:

• Lower room temperature
• Move plants away from hot spots
• Make sure your grow space isn't too crowed

HVAC Systems: To ensure your grow room or grow tent has adequate air circulation, we recommend installing an air intake in the bottom corner, and an air outtake in the adjacent upper corner so that the airflow covers the entire room.

Next, add an oscillating fan to push the air around, making sure your leaves aren't receiving too much wind as this can cause wind burn.

• Be cautious as high temperatures lead to root rot.

* Affected leaves usually do not recover from damage even after correcting the problem.*