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Iron Deficiency

Iron is a nutrient that aids in the development of some enzymes in plants and is part of chlorophyll formation, DNA synthesis, and plant respiration. Iron-deficient plants will show symptoms similar to sulfur deficiency, where the newest leaves are affected first and then it will spread to the next youngest leaves down the plant. Iron deficiency will only affect the area between major leaf veins causing yellowing or near bleaching of the tissue, while the veins will remain a darker green color. Prolonged impact can cause burning of the leaf edges and death of the leaf.

Iron deficiency typically comes from an uptake problem rather than an actual lack of iron.

Can be caused by:
• Improper pH
• Nutrient Lockout
• Potassium Toxicity
• Overwatering

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Iron can become unavailable if the pH of the water or grow media is too high (above 7.0), where it converts iron into a non-consumable form for plants.

Correct the pH of water with pH adjusters, or in the case of hydroponics, it may be necessary to flush the system soil and start over with a new growing solution.