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Planthoppers and leafhoppers are tiny, colourful insects and excellent jumpers, quickly moving from plant to plant. These attributes make them a risk for multiple growing areas as they can easily travel and find creative ways to sneak into homes or greenhouses by hanging to your clothes. Leafhoppers hurt cannabis plants by puncturing and feeding on the sap in the leaves. This feeding method leads to white spots on the leaf and can develop into dying leaves (yellowing, then browning and necrosis). These pests can also harm plants by attracting harmful fungi and carrying dangerous plant

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Planthopper and leafhopper adults can be removed by use of yellow sticky traps because they are attracted to the colour.

Juveniles can be controlled by the introduction of predatory insects such as lady beetles, lacewings, assassin bugs, etc. If the infestation requires immediate attention then insecticidal soaps can be used to both kill the live pests and kill off new larvae.

An important part of the removal of hoppers is to examine the undersides of leaves and physically remove any honeydew build-up to reduce the likelihood of a mold infestation.