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Light Burn

Plants require the correct amount of light at the right distance, in order to photosynthesize. If your plant is under too much light, the leaves closest to the light will burn up and potentially deform. Depending on your lights wavelength, the plant will appear brown and crispy or it can appear bleached. Excess light bleaches out top buds, diminishes THC levels and could also raise the temperature (leading to other problems) as the light gives off heat.

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• To prevent light burn from happening, ensure that your lights are far enough away from your plant.
• If you're out of space vertically, try low-stress training to your plant to evenly distribute light
• If your light has a dimmer, turn it down and adjust accordingly.

• One tool that is commonly used is a LUX meter, check out our Infographic above to know the appropriate light intensity.
• Another option is a PAR meter, "Photo Synthetic Radiation" which identifies the amount of light and what wavelength of light is being used by your plant to process CO2. This is very useful as plants require very specific amounts of light during all growth stages.

* Affected leaves usually do not recover from damage even after correcting the problem.*