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Nutrient Burn

Nutrient burn occurs when your plant consumes too many soluble minerals in one duration. Cannabis requires a specific level of PPM or EC for the corresponding growth stage. Overfeeding will cause your plant to push nutrients out towards the leaf tips causing them to burn up and even curl. Only in severe cases will the burning affect other parts of the leaf. This can happen from an over-saturated nutrient mix, growers trying to “push” their plants with stimulants or boosters or a pH imbalance.

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Flush with pH water. When refeeding, Follow a feeding schedule and adjust accordingly. If nutrient burn symptoms continue, try again at ¾ or less strength.

• Flushing is important because even when dry your soil can still store nutrients. A good flush for at least 24 hours will wash away all remaining nutrients.
• There are other organic methods to break down the nutrients and allow your plant accessibility to take them up.

Organic/Super Soil:

• Don't be alarmed if you see burnt tips early, as plant matures it will regulate nutrient uptake.
• Avoid adding much synthetic fertilizer as this will raise the mineral uptake by your plant.


• Plants uptake minerals quicker when grown Hydroponic as minerals are almost always soluble.
• Make sure you are feeding your plant within the proper PPM and/or EC range. If you overfeed your hydroponic plants, try to add pH'd water to dilute, or replace your water with a fresh mix with fertilizer at ½ strength. This will slow down the process of mineral consumption while ensuring your plant is still feeding.

If your light isn't strong enough, your plant won't have to work as hard, thus not needing to use all the nutrients provided. A stronger light will encourage photosynthesis, leading to a hungry plant.

*Affected leaves usually do not recover from damage even after correcting the problem.*