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Overwatering cannabis plants will suffocate the roots from their oxygen supply causing nutrient uptake to slow down and in severe cases, root rot can develop. At first, leaves will curl downwards into a droop but won't dry out. Leaves may show signs of Nutrient deficiencies because of the slowed nutrient uptake. Your pot will feel heavier than usual, check to make sure your pot has proper drainage for run-off and airflow. Overwatering can lead to pests, like Fungus Gnats, in your soil.

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Watering cannabis is about patience and timing. Give your medium a few days to dry to at least 2 inches from the>
Soil: When watering your plant, wait until at least 10% run-off water drains out and stop watering.
Organic/Super soil: Should never be watered to run off, as it washes away nutrients being held in the soil.

The ideal time between watering is 2-3 days, in late stages plants can need watering almost daily. This can fluctuate according to your environment.