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Phosphorus Deficiency

Leaves will be small, blue-green and are sometimes covered in blotches. Stems and veins may turn purple, beginning with the bottom older leaves. Leaf tips will turn dark and curl downwards, also beginning with the lower older leaves. Phosphorus helps store DNA and is crucial for photosynthesis, especially in the flowering stage.

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Can also be caused by:

• Improper PH range
• Nutrient Lock
• Overwatering
• Cold Temperature(Under 15C)
• Stressful conditions

Organic Solutions:

• Bat Guano
• Bone Meal
• Crab Shell
• Crab Meal

Inorganic Solutions:

• PK Boost Supplements
• Phosphoric Acid (Soluble Phosphorus however raises pH quite a bit)

* Affected leaves usually do not recover from damage even after correcting the problem. *