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Potassium Deficiency

Older leaves, first stems and tips then whole margins around the edge of the leaf turn yellow/brown and crisp. The internal temperatures of the leaves rise, triggering excessive evaporation causing protein cells in the leaf to degrade and burn up.

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Can be caused by:

• Improper PH range
• Nutrient Lockout (flush an reapply nutrients)
• Stressful conditions (VPD)

Organic Solutions:

• Langbeinite 0-0-22 (Amended in the soil or mixed in while watering)
• Kelp Meal
• Glacial Rock Dust (Slow release, requires microbial breakdown)
• Wood Ash (raises pH, stay vigilant)

Inorganic Solutions:

• Potassium Sulfate
• PK Booster supplements

* Affected leaves usually do not recover from damage even after correcting the problem.*