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Root Rot

Root rot happens when Pythium, a type of fungi enters into the growing medium. It attaches itself to the roots which in time makes the roots turn brown, become slimy, and give off a nasty rotting smell. As the problem gets more severe, the roots won't be able to drink water and uptake nutrients and therefore causing nutrient deficiencies.

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Main Causes:

• Heat
• Light Leaks
• Lack of Oxygen

Preventative Care


• Use an opaque or dark bucket/pot. To the point where light can’t enter.
• Have your bucket filled to below where the basket sits so there is always room for some oxygen to be present.
• Keep reservoir water around 20C/68F.


• Avoid overwatering, or having a pot with poor drainage. Excess moisture in roots depletes oxygen and increases the potential of root rot happening.
• Perlite can be added to the soil to improve water drainage.



• Bacillus root inoculant products can be used to treat root rot (Hydroguard) It also promotes healthy & strong roots.
• H2O2 solution can be used, however, it kills all bacteria present and only works temporarily as it will fade off after 24 hours.
• Adding an extra air stone to keep oxygen levels up can help control the problem.


• Very hard to apply a successful solution, the plant may be a lost cause if the problem is severe.
• Preventative measures mentioned above are the only potential solution.

Leaves that are affected by more than 50% can be removed from the plant. They will not recover.