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Slugs are soft-bodied pests that are found in high moisture environments, requiring water to prevent drying out and dying. Slugs are not likely to become pests indoors since environmental conditions can be kept at low relative humidity and high temperatures. Slug presence can be easily identified by the trails of slime that are left behind from their movement. These pests are more active when light is low to reduce the likelihood of getting stuck out in a sunspot.

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Slugs can first be prevented by introducing some physical barrier between them and the plant. This barrier can go around each individual plant or the entire perimeter of the garden.

These barriers can include:

• Ring of copper wire
• Diatomaceous earth
• Lime
• Sawdust

Slugs have poor interactions with each of the previously listed items and it can kill them or turn them away from your plants.

Attracting or introducing various predators can help control populations and reduce the manual workload.

Predators include:

• Nematodes
• Toads
• Frogs
• Beetles
• Birds

Slugs can be manually removed from your garden by venturing out when the sun is low or even at night.