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Spider Mites

Spider mites are small bugs that are typically found on the backside of the fan leaves. Spider mites will lay eggs, multiply rapidly and chew tiny holes into your plant, eating the foliage. In large infestations, webs will form throughout the plant. If spotted, you must take action as they will destroy your plants quickly

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Predatory Mites:

• Persimilis (Phytoseiulus persimilis)
• Neoseiulus (Amblyseius) Fallacis
• Stethorus (Stethorus punctillum)

Keep in mind: Using predatory mites is an organic method however you must keep populating your predator mites as the spider mites multiply very quickly. This method usually takes up to 8 weeks, potentially a few months if populations are massive.

Organic Solutions
• GrowSafe Bio-Pesticide
• Diatomaceous Earth
• Vaccum large concentration

Inorganic Solutions
• Insecticides (Mammoth Canncontrol, Doktor Doom)
• Soap/Neem Oil spray

* Affected leaves usually do not recover from damage even after correcting the problem.*