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Stink Bug

Stink bugs are insects known for their shell that looks like a shield. They can grow to around 1.7 cm in length, and these ‘shields’ can have a variety of colours, but the most common has a dark to light brown colour. Stink bugs can also be easily recognized by the foul odor they produce when disturbed. Their eggs are typically white and large and easy to spot on the underside of leaves because they are nested in a cluster. Stink bugs will feed on cannabis plants at all stages and consume leaf material as well as buds.

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To help prevent the presence of stink bugs make sure that growing areas both indoors and outdoors are kept clean and free of excess debris or plant material where these insects could hide or lay eggs.

The first step to eliminate stink bugs is to manually remove them. This will vary depending on the setting. Before handling stink bug adults, any leaves that have stink bug eggs should be removed and disposed of.

With an outdoor grow stink bugs can be removed by gently shaking the plant or spraying the entire plant with water to knock them off. As they fall off they should be collected in a bucket with soapy water or an insect-killing solution.

With an indoor grow stink bugs should be removed by gently shaking the plant, then vacuuming up the fallen insects or collecting them in a bucket with soapy water or an insect-killing solution.

Beyond manual removal, horticultural oil and neem oil works well to kill stink bugs and control any larvae that may hatch. As a last resort, an insecticidal spray can be used.