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Thrips are tiny insects that pierce cannabis leaves and suck out the vital nutrients, leaving tiny white/silver glossy spots across the fan leaf they were chewing on. They reproduce and spread quickly, so a small problem could turn into an infestation fast. In severe cases, leaves could die and plant growth stunted.

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First, always try to manually squish as many as possible and remove all severely affected leaves. Clean your grow space and stay vigilant for a few days, if thrips persist, try these methods.

Diatomaceous Earth is crushed rock that you lay on top of leaves and it should kill the thrips that make contact
• Insecticidal Soap (Pesticide) is the cheapest and quickest option. We don't recommend spraying it during the flowering stage of the plant.

• Predator mites: Orius Insidiousis' are very effective against any stage of a thrips life. Amblyseius cucumeris only feeds on the first stage larvae therefore could take up to 4-6 weeks for infestations to clear. Ladybugs will feed on adult thrips however there is no guarantee they will stay in your garden as they have a large appetite.

• Blue fly traps: Adults have wings and can fly around your grow room. They are attracted to the colour of blue so these work efficiently if placed strategically.

* Affected leaves usually do not recover from damage even after correcting the problem. *