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If your soil becomes too dry, all minerals will become insoluble causing the plant to be stunted and potentially die. As your plant dries out, the leaves will wilt, turning yellow and brown. In severe cases, the leaves turn crispy and feel paper-thin. The soil in underwatered plants will be dry to the touch and feel suspiciously light when lifting the pot.

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If your plant needs water, simply water the soil evenly until you've reached 10-15% runoff, this will ensure the soil is nicely saturated without overwatering the plant.

Organic/Super Soil:

Water soil, but don't water until runoff. Runoff in organic soil will flush the nutrients out of the soil.

Keep in mind that if your soil is extremely dry, it won't absorb water right away. Giving small amounts of water at a time as opposed to drowning your plant will ensure the water is completely absorbed and that it didn't just pour down the sides of the pot.

Cannabis plants appreciate when the soil dries between waterings but not to the point where the roots become dehydrated.

If the roots get too dry, they will reach a point where they are nonviable and the root system will be compromised. Leading to symptoms appearing as deficiencies or permanent damage to roots.

If underwatering signs persist, try transplanting into a bigger pot, or lowering the temperature in your grow area.

* Severely affected leaves usually do not recover from damage even after correcting the problem.*