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Viruses are problems for cannabis plants at a cellular level, and they often cause long-term issues such as stunted growth of leaves and stems, poor flower development, reduced yields of THC, CBD, terpenes, etc. These issues often present as discolored leaves at first, some having specific patterns and others just creating general discoloration. Viruses and viroids can sometimes be confused for variegation, which is a change in leaf color due to environmental factors or genetic factors.

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There are currently no known solutions to treat cannabis viruses and they should be discarded as soon as possible to prevent the transmission to other plants.
If you have the space, you could quarantine your plants in their early stages.

Prevention: Introduction of viruses is often caused by transfer by pests from infected plants, such as aphids. Preventing infection is easiest by keeping pests out of the grow area.

Prevention Methods:

• Beneficial insects or animals
• Pheromone traps
• Light traps
• Sticky traps
• Chemicals (if necessary)

To prevent transfer of infection strict operating procedures are important as well, like washing scissors/scalpels with hydrogen peroxide when working on a new plant.